Mentoring followers of Jesus Christ who will reach a lost world through a revived church
The February 2001 module of the College of Prayer Canada met at Tenth Avenue Alliance Church in Vancouver February 19th through 22nd. The sessions were led by Dr. Wesley Duewel who spoke on how to prevail in prayer.
Dr. Wesley Duewel Teaching session
We deeply appreciate the ministry of this humble servant of the Lord, Dr. Wesley Duewel. His final message Keys to the Kingdom gave us very practical instruction on how God wants to use us in prayer.
GAP group The GAP (Growth, Accountability, Prayer) groups met three times during the module for times of sharing, encouragement, and prayer. GAP groups intentionally link participants in relational networks for the mutual mentoring of leaders who will become more effective catalysts for revival praying in their circle of influence.
Concert of Prayer Concert of Prayer
The Concert of Prayer on Wednesday evening was open to all believers who wanted to join in united, effective prayer for their churches and communities. After a time of worship, Dr. Wesley Duewel gave a powerful message on Militant Prayer.

During the prayer time of the Concert of Prayer, people gathered in small groups to seek the Lord for revival in their own souls and for their churches and communities.