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Dr. Wesley Duewel, Instructor, Winter 2001

Dr. Wesley Duewel has given himself to the cause of missions for the past 60 years. Following ministry in India for nearly 25 years, he served as president of OMS International. He is now special assistant to the president for evangelism and intercession.

His writings on the Holy Spirit, revival, and soul winning call God's people back to prayer, the source of all power for ministry. His book Touch the World Through Prayer, published in 1986, is now in its 23rd printing. Later books,

  • Let God Guide You Daily
  • Ablaze for God
  • Mighty Prevailing Prayer
  • Measure Your Life
  • Revival Fire
  • God's Power is For You
are also widely acclaimed. More than one million of his books are now in circulation in 51 languages or national editions. His newest book More God, More Power came off the Zondervan press in January 2000.

Dr. Duewel holds the degrees of Doctor of Education from the University of Cincinnati and Doctor of Divinity from Taylor University. His articles have appeared in many publications, and for a number of years he edited Revival Magazine, which was published in 12 languages.

A much appreciated speaker, he has ministered in 41 countries. He now travels extensively speaking in retreats, seminars, and in deeper life, prayer, and missions conferences. His deep concern for the unevangelized millions of the world prompts constant emphasis upon prayer as the key to harvest and revival.

Dr. Wesley Duewel was the instructor for Winter 2001 Module of the College of Prayer Canada, February 19 - 22, 2001 at Tenth Avenue Alliance in Vancouver. Audio recordings of this module are available.