Mentoring followers of Jesus Christ who will reach a lost world through a revived church
Instructors at the College of Prayer

The vision of the College of Prayer was birthed in the heart of Armin Gesswein in 1931 while pastoring a church in Long Island, New York. When the Holy Spirit brought revival to his congregation, God called him into the ministry of revival prayer. This burden led Armin to be involved in the great revival in Norway and has been a catalyst for revival prayer for almost seven decades. David Bryant refers to Armin Gesswein as 'Senior Statesman of the Prayer Movement.'

God has used Prayer Summits throughout North America and the world to place a passion for revival within the hearts of Christian leaders.

Armin Gesswein, a graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary and Gordon-Conwell College, was ordained to the ministry in the Luthern Church. Founder of the Minister's Prayer Fellowship and the Revival Prayer Fellowship, Gesswein has been a pastor, seminary professor, associate evangelist of Billy Graham and participant in numerous international convocations. He is the author of "With One Accord in One Place" and numerous booklets. He and his wife, Reidun, resided in San Juan Capistrano, California until his passing on March 14, 2001.

Gesswein was an instructor at the first module of the College of Prayer in Regina SK Canada on September 30 - October 3, 1999. Audio recordings of his messages are available.