Mentoring followers of Jesus Christ who will reach a lost world through a revived church
Instructors at the College of Prayer

Born in Scotland and raised in Canada, Alistair was ordained into the Anglican Church in 1976 in York, England. He has pastored in the Anglican Church in England, Scotland and Canada.  His Doctoral work undertaken at Fuller Seminary focused on the area of stewardship and healing the land. He has been a proponent of renewal and evangelism for many years, ministering as a conference and workshop leader in North America and overseas.

Alistair currently serves as the Canadian Coordinator for the Spiritual Warfare Network, part of the networking structure of the AD2000 United Prayer Track, as well as Chaplain to the Board of March for Jesus Canada, and as Canadian representative on the International Board of the World Prayer Center based in Colorado Springs.

His main thrust of ministry has been to help the Church discover the cutting-edge insights of turning an entire community toward Christ. He gives instruction in the Biblical understanding of stewardship of land and the effect this has on people, churches, communities and cities. Through this teaching it becomes possible to diagnose the bondages and wounds in an area through historical, cultural, physical and spiritual research that often impedes effective evangelism. Alistair left residential ministry in 1997 to devote full time to his work as Director of Joshua Connection Canada.

Alistair was an instructor at the College of Prayer module in Saskatoon, SK Canada on February 24-27, 2000. Audio recordings of his messages are available.